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Closest Airport to El Paso, TX

The closest airport to El Paso is El Paso International Airport (ELP). Distance from El Paso International Airport to El Paso, TX is 7.2 miles / 11.6 kilometers.

Nearest airports to El Paso, TX

  1. El Paso International Airport (7.2 miles / 11.6 kilometers)
  2. Ciudad Juárez International Airport (9.1 miles / 14.7 kilometers)
  3. Alamogordo–White Sands Regional Airport (80.2 miles / 129.1 kilometers)
  4. Grant County Airport (115.0 miles / 185.1 kilometers)

El Paso International Airport (ELP)

El Paso International Airport is located approximately 7.2 miles / 11.6 kilometers northeast of El Paso and about 7.7 miles / 12.5 kilometers northeast of Ciudad Juárez. IATA airport code is ELP.

Ciudad Juárez International Airport (CJS)

Distance from Ciudad Juárez International Airport to El Paso is 9.1 miles / 14.7 kilometers. Ciudad Juárez International Airport is located approximately 6.1 miles / 9.8 kilometers south of Ciudad Juárez and about 7.5 miles / 12.1 kilometers west of Socorro. IATA airport code is CJS.

Alamogordo–White Sands Regional Airport (ALM)

Distance from Alamogordo–White Sands Regional Airport to El Paso is 80.2 miles / 129.1 kilometers. Alamogordo–White Sands Regional Airport is located approximately 4.5 miles / 7.2 kilometers southwest of Alamogordo and about 58.6 miles / 94.4 kilometers northeast of Las Cruces. IATA airport code is ALM.

Grant County Airport (SVC)

Distance from Grant County Airport to El Paso is 115.0 miles / 185.1 kilometers. Grant County Airport is located approximately 83.5 miles / 134.3 kilometers west of Las Cruces and about 109.0 miles / 175.4 kilometers northwest of Sunland Park. IATA airport code is SVC.

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