Closest Airport to

Closest Airport to Phoenix, AZ

The closest airport to Phoenix is Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX). Distance from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport to Phoenix, AZ is 3.7 miles / 6.0 kilometers.

Nearest airports to Phoenix, AZ

  1. Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (3.7 miles / 6.0 kilometers)
  2. Ernest A. Love Field (85.8 miles / 138.0 kilometers)
  3. Tucson International Airport (113.3 miles / 182.3 kilometers)
  4. Flagstaff Pulliam Airport (119.2 miles / 191.8 kilometers)

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX)

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is located approximately 3.7 miles / 6.0 kilometers east of Phoenix and about 4.2 miles / 6.7 kilometers west of Tempe Junction. IATA airport code is PHX.

Ernest A. Love Field (PRC)

Distance from Ernest A. Love Field to Phoenix is 85.8 miles / 138.0 kilometers. Ernest A. Love Field is located approximately 6.7 miles / 10.8 kilometers northwest of Prescott Valley and about 8.4 miles / 13.5 kilometers north of Prescott. IATA airport code is PRC.

Tucson International Airport (TUS)

Distance from Tucson International Airport to Phoenix is 113.3 miles / 182.3 kilometers. Tucson International Airport is located approximately 5.4 miles / 8.7 kilometers east of Drexel Heights and about 7.4 miles / 11.8 kilometers south of Tucson. IATA airport code is TUS.

Flagstaff Pulliam Airport (FLG)

Distance from Flagstaff Pulliam Airport to Phoenix is 119.2 miles / 191.8 kilometers. Flagstaff Pulliam Airport is located approximately 4.3 miles / 6.9 kilometers south of Flagstaff and about 51.7 miles / 83.2 kilometers northeast of Prescott Valley. IATA airport code is FLG.

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