Closest Airport to

Closest Airport to Suva

The closest airport to Suva is Nausori International Airport (SUV). Distance from Nausori International Airport to Suva is 10.3 miles / 16.6 kilometers.

Nearest airports to Suva

  1. Nausori International Airport (10.3 miles / 16.6 kilometers)
  2. Levuka Airfield (36.4 miles / 58.5 kilometers)
  3. Gau Airport (59.1 miles / 95.1 kilometers)
  4. List of airports in Fiji (66.1 miles / 106.3 kilometers)

Nausori International Airport (SUV)

Nausori International Airport is located approximately 10.3 miles / 16.6 kilometers northeast of Suva and about 77.0 miles / 124.0 kilometers east of Nadi. IATA airport code is SUV.

Levuka Airfield (LEV)

Distance from Levuka Airfield to Suva is 36.4 miles / 58.5 kilometers. Levuka Airfield is located approximately 36.4 miles / 58.5 kilometers northeast of Suva and about 86.5 miles / 139.2 kilometers east of Lautoka. IATA airport code is LEV.

Gau Airport (NGI)

Distance from Gau Airport to Suva is 59.1 miles / 95.1 kilometers. Gau Airport is located approximately 59.1 miles / 95.1 kilometers east of Suva and about 116.4 miles / 187.3 kilometers south of Labasa. IATA airport code is NGI.

List of airports in Fiji (KDV)

Distance from List of airports in Fiji to Suva is 66.1 miles / 106.3 kilometers. List of airports in Fiji is located approximately 66.1 miles / 106.3 kilometers south of Suva and about 99.5 miles / 160.1 kilometers southeast of Nadi. IATA airport code is KDV.

Map of airports near Suva

AirportDistance (miles)Distance (km)
A Nausori International Airport (SUV)10.316.6
B Levuka Airfield (LEV)36.458.5
C Gau Airport (NGI)59.195.1
D List of airports in Fiji (KDV)66.1106.3
E Nadi International Airport (NAN)70.9114.1
F Koro Airport (KXF)84.9136.6
G Malolo Lailai Airport (PTF)85.7137.9
H Mana Island Airport (MNF)94.2151.6
I Moala Airport (MFJ)103.4166.4
J Savusavu Airport (SVU)110.0177.0

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