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Closest Airport to Freetown

The closest airport to Freetown is Lungi International Airport (FNA). Distance from Lungi International Airport to Freetown is 15,2 kilometers (9,5 miles).

Lungi International Airport (FNA)

Lungi International Airport is located approximately 15,2 kilometers (9,5 miles) north of Freetown and about 33,8 kilometers (21,0 miles) northwest of Waterloo. IATA airport code is FNA.

Airports near Freetown

AirportIata codeDistance (km)Distance (miles)
Lungi International AirportFNA15,29,5
Conakry International AirportCKY128,780,0
Sherbro International AirportBTE131,881,9
Bo AirportKBS172,6107,3
Kenema AirportKEN235,7146,4
Yengema AirportWYE240,9149,7
Spriggs Payne AirportMLW366,2227,6
Roberts International AirportROB403,7250,8
Osvaldo Vieira International AirportOXB463,3287,9
Ziguinchor AirportZIG563,0349,8

Map of airports near Freetown