Closest Airport to

Closest Airport to George Town

The closest airport to George Town is Owen Roberts International Airport (GCM). Distance from Owen Roberts International Airport to George Town is 1.2 miles / 1.9 kilometers.

Nearest airports to George Town

  1. Owen Roberts International Airport (1.2 miles / 1.9 kilometers)
  2. Charles Kirkconnell International Airport (101.1 miles / 162.8 kilometers)
  3. Vilo Acuña Airport (161.5 miles / 260.0 kilometers)
  4. Alberto Delgado Airport (194.7 miles / 313.3 kilometers)

Owen Roberts International Airport (GCM)

Owen Roberts International Airport is located approximately 1.2 miles / 1.9 kilometers east of George Town and about 195.0 miles / 313.9 kilometers southwest of Trinidad. IATA airport code is GCM.

Charles Kirkconnell International Airport (CYB)

Distance from Charles Kirkconnell International Airport to George Town is 101.1 miles / 162.8 kilometers. Charles Kirkconnell International Airport is located approximately 101.1 miles / 162.8 kilometers east of George Town and about 141.5 miles / 227.8 kilometers southwest of Santa Cruz del Sur. IATA airport code is CYB.

Vilo Acuña Airport (CYO)

Distance from Vilo Acuña Airport to George Town is 161.5 miles / 260.0 kilometers. Vilo Acuña Airport is located approximately 68.4 miles / 110.1 kilometers southwest of Jagüey Grande and about 69.5 miles / 111.9 kilometers southwest of Aguada de Pasajeros. IATA airport code is CYO.

Alberto Delgado Airport (TND)

Distance from Alberto Delgado Airport to George Town is 194.7 miles / 313.3 kilometers. Alberto Delgado Airport is located approximately 1.3 miles / 2.0 kilometers southwest of Trinidad and about 11.8 miles / 19.0 kilometers southwest of Condado. IATA airport code is TND.

Map of airports near George Town

AirportDistance (miles)Distance (km)
A Owen Roberts International Airport (GCM)1.21.9
B Charles Kirkconnell International Airport (CYB)101.1162.8
C Vilo Acuña Airport (CYO)161.5260.0
D Alberto Delgado Airport (TND)194.7313.3
E Rafael Cabrera Mustelier Airport (GER)198.5319.4
F Jaime González Airport (CFG)207.6334.1

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