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Closest Airport to Sale

The closest airport to Sale is Rabat–Salé Airport (RBA). Distance from Rabat–Salé Airport to Sale is 4,3 kilometers (2,7 miles).

Rabat–Salé Airport (RBA)

Rabat–Salé Airport is located approximately 4,3 kilometers (2,7 miles) east of Sale and about 8,6 kilometers (5,3 miles) northeast of Rabat. IATA airport code is RBA.

Airports near Sale

AirportIata codeDistance (km)Distance (miles)
Rabat–Salé AirportRBA4,32,7
Mohammed V International AirportCMN105,865,8
Fès–Saïs AirportFEZ168,6104,8
Tangier Ibn Battouta AirportTNG203,0126,1
Gibraltar International AirportGIB268,2166,7
Marrakesh Menara AirportRAK295,9183,9
Cherif Al Idrissi AirportAHU298,5185,5
Jerez AirportXRY307,0190,8
Moulay Ali Cherif AirportERH324,2201,5
Faro AirportFAO346,2215,1

Map of airports near Sale