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Closest Airport to Baghdad

The closest airport is Baghdad International Airport (SDA). Distance from Baghdad International Airport to Baghdad is 17,7 kilometers (11,0 miles).

Baghdad International Airport

Baghdad International Airport is located approximately 6,7 kilometers (4,1 miles) southeast of Abū Ghurayb and about 17,7 kilometers (11,0 miles) southwest of Baghdad. Baghdad International Airport IATA code is SDA.

Other airports near Baghdad

AirportIata codeDistance (km)Distance (miles)
Baghdad International AirportSDA17,711,0
Sulaymaniyah International AirportOSO261,2162,3
Shahid Ashrafi Esfahani AirportKSH278,4173,0
Sanandaj AirportSDG320,2198,9
Erbil International AirportEBL325,0201,9
Khoram Abad AirportKHD361,0224,3
Arar Domestic AirportRAE409,9254,7
Rafha Domestic AirportRAH422,4262,5
Basrah International AirportBSR437,5271,9
Deir ez-Zor AirportDEZ444,7276,3

Map of airports near Baghdad