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Closest Airport to Bremen

The closest airport to Bremen is Bremen Airport (BRE). Distance from Bremen Airport to Bremen is 3,4 kilometers (2,1 miles).

Bremen Airport (BRE)

Bremen Airport is located approximately 2,9 kilometers (1,8 miles) northeast of Stuhr and about 3,4 kilometers (2,1 miles) southwest of Bremen. IATA airport code is BRE.

Airports near Bremen

AirportIata codeDistance (km)Distance (miles)
Bremen AirportBRE3,42,1
Hannover AirportHAJ90,456,1
Hamburg AirportHAM99,962,1
Emden AirportEME111,069,0
Heide–Büsum AirportHEI120,274,7
Münster Osnabrück International AirportFMO129,380,4
Heligoland AirportHGL136,985,1
Braunschweig Wolfsburg AirportBWE144,990,0
Groningen Airport EeldeGRQ149,092,6
Lübeck AirportLBC150,693,6

Map of airports near Bremen