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Closest Airport to Victoria

The closest airport to Victoria is Victoria Inner Harbour Airport (YWH). Distance from Victoria Inner Harbour Airport to Victoria is 1,7 kilometers (1,1 miles).

Victoria Inner Harbour Airport (YWH)

Victoria Inner Harbour Airport is located approximately 1,7 kilometers (1,1 miles) southwest of Victoria and about 6,9 kilometers (4,3 miles) southwest of Oak Bay. IATA airport code is YWH.

Victoria International Airport (YYJ)

Distance from Victoria International Airport to Victoria is 24,2 kilometers (15,0 miles). Victoria International Airport is located approximately 22,7 kilometers (14,1 miles) north of Langford and about 23,8 kilometers (14,8 miles) northwest of Oak Bay. IATA airport code is YYJ.

Friday Harbor Airport (FRD)

Distance from Friday Harbor Airport to Victoria is 27,3 kilometers (17,0 miles). Friday Harbor Airport is located approximately 22,1 kilometers (13,7 miles) east of Oak Bay and about 27,3 kilometers (17,0 miles) east of Victoria. IATA airport code is FRD.

Lopez Island Airport (LPS)

Distance from Lopez Island Airport to Victoria is 32,3 kilometers (20,1 miles). Lopez Island Airport is located approximately 24,2 kilometers (15,0 miles) west of Anacortes and about 27,2 kilometers (16,9 miles) east of Oak Bay. IATA airport code is LPS.

Airports near Victoria

AirportIata codeDistance (km)Distance (miles)
Victoria Inner Harbour AirportYWH1,71,1
Victoria International AirportYYJ24,215,0
Friday Harbor AirportFRD27,317,0
Lopez Island AirportLPS32,320,1
William R. Fairchild International AirportCLM36,122,5
Orcas Island AirportESD45,628,4
Bellingham International AirportBLI73,145,4
Nanaimo AirportYCD78,148,5
Vancouver International AirportYVR85,853,3
Nanaimo Harbour Water AirportZNA93,858,3

Map of airports near Victoria