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Closest Airport to Kralendijk

The closest airport to Kralendijk is Flamingo International Airport (BON). Distance from Flamingo International Airport to Kralendijk is 2,1 kilometers (1,3 miles).

Flamingo International Airport

Flamingo International Airport is located approximately 72,4 kilometers (45,0 miles) east of Willemstad and about 173,2 kilometers (107,6 miles) northeast of Coro. Flamingo International Airport IATA code is BON.

Other airports near Kralendijk

AirportIata codeDistance (km)Distance (miles)
Flamingo International AirportBON2,11,3
Hato International AirportCUR75,546,9
José Leonardo Chirinos AirportCZE174,5108,4
Queen Beatrix International AirportAUA194,1120,6
Josefa Camejo International AirportLSP209,3130,1
Maiquetía (Simón Bolívar Internacional) AirportCCS221,5137,6
Escuela Mariscal Sucre AirportMYC222,0137,9
Arturo Michelena International AirportVLN225,7140,3
Barquisimeto International AirportBRM263,2163,5
Oswaldo Guevara Mujica AirportAGV307,9191,3

Map of airports near Kralendijk